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Sustainability, Safety and Health Management

With more than 50 years of industry experience under our belt, Coastal Industries understands that quality, long lasting construction is the product of thoughtful planning and design that is focused on safeguarding the surrounding environment. Our unparalleled commitment to sustainability is based on the philosophy that with systematic identification and mitigation of potential issues, we can build infrastructure that protects the health and safety of both our people and our environment.

Preserving Our Environment

At Coastal Industries we are dedicated to excellence and quality in all we do, for us, that also includes sustainable construction that contributes to a healthy future for everyone. In each and every project we undertake, we consider the impact to our environment and work to manage any factors that may present risks to the long-term health and sustainability of the environment and those who live in it.

Our Record for Safety and Health

Coastal Industries has a longstanding reputation for exceptional safety, health and environmental performance. We are focused on protecting the health and safety of our team, our contractors and our clients, and we are proud of our high standards for accountability and safety. It is our firm belief that no job is worth injury or harm, and our goal is to continuously strive to achieve ZERO incidents through effective communication of and compliance with our stringent safety policies. At Coastal Industries, we work collaboratively to consistently employ safety protocols in the field and at our facilities to foster a company culture of safety that is embraced by every member of our team.

Our Focus on HSE Management

Coastal Industries Health, Safety, and Environmental Management System illustrates our proactive approach to health, safety and environmental sustainability. This comprehensive plan demonstrates our commitment to managing HSE and outlines Coastal Industries practices and procedures for implementation and management of international HSE standards (such as ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001) into the work we do everyday. With the support of the entire Coastal Industries team and a detailed system in place to evaluate our performance and develop improvement plans, we can continuously raise the bar as a company.

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